Rockhill South Carolina Restaurants

From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, here are five reasons why you should make the short hike and spend some time in the Palmetto State. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Rockhill South Carolina, from the most popular restaurants to some of the most underrated places.

Tropical Escape Cafe & Bar is located near Rock Hill Bed and Breakfast and serves fine Polynesian, American and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant features MahiMahi and a bar with live music. The hotel bar is decorated with 1930s decor and live jazz music every Wednesday and Saturday. They also offer a variety of dishes such as stirring - roast, macaroni & cheese, prawns and grains, as well as burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

The original lunch-break stools where it all took place are still there, and they are still the original sit-down restaurant of the civil rights movement.

Tropical Escape is open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and closed on weekends, except for special occasions such as weddings, funerals and special occasions. They offer brunch, with brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. If you prefer to eat late in the evening, they are open from 7 pm. M. Fridays and Saturdays until midnight, but not open on weekends. On weekdays it is open for lunch or dinner and closes at 9 pm, with a special event on Sunday.

They offer you the harvest of your own apples, and bottles of delicious cider are available, sometimes with seven or eight for your tasting pleasure. The aim is to offer at least six, sometimes eight, cider wines at any one time.

There is a banquet hall that can accommodate up to 50 people, a dining room with private dining area and a bar.

We like to keep the menu simple, but sharing small appetizers with a group is a fun way to mix with the variety of dishes. Popular foods include stuffed potatoes, chicken and waffles, macs and cheese, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

Save space in your dessert glass and order the Chocolate Mint Marinade Martini ($12.00). From the last week of August this year, these perfectly cooked doughnuts will be fantastically melted into - your - mouth. Southern Waffles (5.99) come with delicious pecans that are inserted into the fine batter while cooking. Overlooking the Catawba River, this restaurant - converted into a restaurant - offers Mediterranean-inspired American cuisine, and we are proud to offer it.

In 2011, this historic community continued to grow, becoming the largest in York County with over 1,000 residents and a total population of over 1.5 million.

Red Bowl Asian Bistro is the only restaurant in Rock Hill serving Asian cuisine, including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. It offers a full menu of dishes such as home cooking - smoked bacon, rice and beans, chicken and rice noodles and a variety of salads.

The Yolk Cafe focuses on local ingredients and offers an ever-changing menu that is spontaneous and delicious. With every bag of coffee sold, Javesca will deliver four meals to those around the world who have little or no food. Yolks Cafe serves Javeca coffee in Rock Hill and other locations in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

I also liked the Southern Poutine ($8.75), which was the perfect blend of smoky and sweet. The cheddar burger was sandwiched between two homemade, glazed mini donuts and the crispy fries kept the sauce perfect. I also liked their fried green tomatoes and liked the TN fries (2 for $49), which were a great addition to the burger and a nice change from the regular fries.

The Red Bowl is located in a Rock Hill Inn and is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. There are so many beers to choose from, and the waitress team will help you combine a glass with your meal. Look at the annual list and find out what tickles your fancy. Look at the menu to find a wide selection of food and drinks.

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The Harry and Jean restaurant is decorated in Victorian style and features a Victorian style, serving a variety of authentic American dishes. They also offer root beer from their own production and do everything they can in-house. Founded in 2009 as a home-brewed beer in the basement of an empty car dealership that was converted into the same brewery they operate today, the home-brewed beer became legal in 2014.

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More About Rock Hill